Bains and Beers

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This is the bains and beers podcast we believe in positivity and learning. Knowledge is something no one can take away from you. If you have something to teach, come on the show and share it over an ice cold beer. If you are promoting a business this is the perfect place to go. Old or young, we want people from all different walks of life to come share their stories. It's time to build a safe environment where people can share happy stories and spread their knowledge with others.

Jaden Johal

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 Jaden has started his own wrestling page because the love he has for it. Nothing is better for him than when Monday and Tuesday nights come around. He has not had the easiest childhood growing up and some of his hardships we talked about in the interview made him who he is today. With his role model being his dad learning about hard work from a young age and his mom the most important person in his life nothing is stopping this young man from succeeding in life. Wrestling is a way of life for him and he has dreams to be a wrestler hopefully soon he will begin his wrestling career. The smile on his face when you bring up wrestling is outstanding. Make sure you check out his page on Instagram for classic wrestling to updated wrestling. From Hulk Hogan to Stone cold to Brock Lesnar you will find it all on his Instagram page. We wish Jaden nothing, but the best in the future. 

3Seed Training

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 If you want to learn, sit down with this man for 5 minutes. He is so much more than a basketball trainer. Not only does he want to enhance your basketball skills, he will help you build leadership and stregthen your mind. Sitting with him learning about how important your mindset is in everything you do was so helpful. His avid love of reading is amazing, the knowledge he has on so many different subjects can start a conversation with anyone. We also spoke about meditation and taught me about what meditation is to him and what it has done for him. He also helps in the community by going into schools and talking to kids about life and influencing them into learning. If you need basketball training, motivation or someone to talk to 3seed is your man. Check out his instagram page for basketball, motivation and some great discussions. 

Shawn Bains

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The story of a man climbing up the corporate ladder quickly at a young age then asking "Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?". Shawn Bains a diligent hardworker who taught us about success, investments and a funny story from India. Having a different perspective and telling us you do not just have to stick to one thing in your life. He was the first guest  to drink some beers with us. We also talked about the love for his dog and how bringing a dog in his life brought in positivity and a change in his life. Listen to the interview if you want to learn more about Shawn and his journey in life so far.

Arnie Mcfly

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 If you have never seen an Arnie comedy skit, first of all you are missing out. When you meet him in person he is exactly the same as how he is on instagram. Arnie Mcfly not only cracked jokes, but talked about life and talked about toxic people in ones life and having to cut them off to move forward in life. His skits are influenced by things he see's and hears everyday and they are hilarious. While staying true to who he is being a creative youtuber has brought different opportunities into his life.  His goal of not working that 9-5 we know he will achieve. Arnie's personality shines through video. From talking about how he thinks of ideas for different skits to talking about his personal life; the bains and beers podcast covered it all. Go check out his page for a laugh.

Raman Bains

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Raman Bains is a fantastic singer, but he is much more than just a singer. He is one of the most loving and caring people we know. Always putting others in before him, being very family orientated and putting himself in other peoples positions. Talking about depression and causes effecting many areas of our community. Raman not only thrives as a musician but also as a great caring human being.  Raman's music will be releasing soon and we are excited. He takes a different take on punjabi music and has his own sound. Make sure to check out his page for his singing as well as his up and coming music.


Rap Gods Podcast

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 Our podcast brothers, the hip hop podcasts that talks all things hip hop and everything else. There podcast is amazing with sound effects and soon to be video. You want to meet some cool dudes? Go meet Randy and Jason. Not only are they super awesome, but they are helpful. The things you will learn from their podcasts are endless, it is never ending non stop fun. The topics and guests they have on the show keep it interesting and intriguing. Meeting these fun filled guys will put a smile on your face. Nothing, but love for our homies @rapgodspodcast make sure you give them a listen what they have going on is definently something fresh and new. Big tings coming.

E the 1st

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 Up and coming rapper Ethe1st does it all. He raps, has a podcast and is in video skits. He says it how it is and has very big plans for the future. He loves doing creative stuff and being in a zone with endless possibilities and endless potential. He loves Joe Rogan just like us. Ethe1st loves podcasts and one of his hobbies is listening to podcasts as well as reading. Reading material he enjoys are history books. He is an example of how much knowledge one can retain just from reading. Listening to him and what he has to say really allowed us to view different issues with different perspectives. A boy with great potential to do great things. Only a matter of time! A great happy personality and enjoys vibing out and conversing. Hanging out and getting to know Ethe1st was an awesome time. Make sure you check out his page and look out for his up and coming music. 

The Wrestling Classic

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Ooooh yeaaahh!!! The Wrestling Classic, Macho Madness enthusiast, Justin has built himself a huge platform on social media where the likes of The Rock, Ric Flair, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan are following him. Also celebrities such as the Weekend and Lebron James. (Kobe Bryant is better.) Justin has done interviews with WWE's "Modern Day Maharaja" Jinder Mahal and the "Celtic Warrior" Sheamus. With all this going on he is one of the most humble and genuine people you will ever meet. If you sit in a room with him and get him talk, it's nothing but a real conversation with him. Just something to add WWE sign this man, give him a show on the WWE network or something. He has done so much for the company and business to engage fans to not be compensated. Anyways Justin does nothing but bring positive vibes to wrestling and he brought it to the podcast. He said some real stuff. If you ever enjoyed wrestling in your life follow @thewrestlingclassic and check out his page. I am sure he will have a lot more to come. Dig it! 

Kyle Bhawan

IG @kylebhawan

The man who loves making media content. From his days at ECTV all the way to posted up, 7 for 7, We talkin hockey and Crescendo radio. Ladies he loves dogs, long walks and is a content creator. Jokes aside Kyle is a great guy and is the guy that can walk in a room and talk about anything. He is humble in his work and is trusting the process. We believe and he believes it is going to work for all of us especially the Vancouver music scene. As well preaches that we need to start showing more love and bringing each other up instead of pushing one another down. Also is a big believer in talking things into existence. Make sure you check his Instagram and Youtube page out. 

Rajen Bhullar

Instagram @blvdpg

Rajen Bhullar the branding specialist he works hard on making the most out of relationships and believes that the most important thing not only in business, but in life is relationships. Family is important to him. In his success so far he has had the opportunity to meet different types of people. He also told us about how Lil Pump did not drop 30 points in his all star game. Rajen has a marketing and branding company called BLVDPG, PG stands for Prince George where my dad is from and my co host is from. We wish him nothing but success in the future and believe that he is going to do amazing things. If you need help with brand work make sure you hit this man up. He is the one that created our new logo and did an amazing job. We look forward to seeing new designs and new clients he is going to be working with. Rajan is a class act make sure to check his stuff out @BLVDPG. 

Dontdoze Art Pop up Gallery (Event)

  The dontdoze bros pop up art gallery event was spectacular. Both humble in what they do trying to see what works for them have a tremendous amount of talent. As soon as you walked in the door they made you feel as if it was your home. The comfort level and the aura was amazing. Now let’s talk about the art work with the originals, old is gold and the photo collection all three brought different elements and came together perfectly. The art work was so clean and precise it had to be one of the most appealing things to eye. Who didn’t love that “fudhu” mirror though that was great. Looking back the writing added a different element to the event. It made you think deeper about the painting. My favorite quote was “the greats never leave their prime; they solidify it.” The merchandise they had was very different and it worked. Using a lot of color was the best part the paintings popping up at you and the different colors used created a happy positive vibe. The art party itself was a great turn out and a great way to meet new people. Everyone who was there was very friendly and open. The art brought people together. Rajan and Rakinder threw a terrific event and we can’t wait for the next one. These gentlemen have great things ahead of them and will for sure be doing new and innovative things. We at thebainsandbeerspodcast give this event an A+ and cannot wait for more events in the future.  “If you dontdoze now u know.”- dontdoze 

Emerson Murray

Instagram @emssentials

Emerson Murray one of the hardest working people in the room. From waking up at 5am every day to go to school all the way to playing in the NCCA tournament. He is a hard worker in everything he does and having that work ethic instilled in him as a kid made him have his drive and passion to this day. Now Emerson trains kids and wants all kids to grow and be better than him.  He believes that the superstars should not only be pushed, but the other kids need to be pushed harder so competition grows and everyone gets better. Emerson is also a part of EA sports, had a part on Supergirl doing stunts and now acting as well. Our personal experience was nothing, but positive things to say about Emerson he had a broad knowledge on a lot of different topics and something he really wants to do is take care of his family. The podcast with Emerson is a must listen you will learn about him and his journey and it will give you an inside perspective on today’s basketball and today’s youth.



Post Malone Concert Review/Vancouver artists thought

You know who he is

Post Malone live is a must see, shit was lit. I have never seen so many white kids go crazy in my life. His stage presence was impeccable and it is not hard to see why his album surpassed J Cole’s.  Not to take anything away from J Cole but I am singing along to Beers, Bongs and Bentleys over K.O.D. His interaction with crowd was very personal and made it feel as he was performing for just you. A couple things to critique though, would be nice if he came on a bit earlier but was well worth the wait. The real critique or opinion whatever the fuck you want to call it and this is for all big artists that tour here. Let a Vancouver artist open up even if it is for 10 minutes. The amount of people from Vancouver that were there to see good music why can we not show some of our own. Yes I understand they are on the tour together, but just think about what this would do for Vancouver artists  throwing Hayz, Manila Grey, Illyminiachi, 2hunnit, Mcevoy, Bains dot, So Loki on stage just to name a few would have made that concert much better in my opinion. Especially because there are so many fucking time spaces in between everything where they could have had a minimum 2 Vancouver artists perform some songs. Just a thought though idk. Anyways besides that Post Malone absolutely killed it crowd was singing along smashed his guitar chugged beers which we personally loved. Overall the concert was a great experience I would definitely recommend seeing Post live other than that one critique I give it 4.5/5 beers. Maybe my critique is like that because I recently started listening to Vancouver artists (shoutout Kyle Bhawan), but go drop your egos and check them out maybe your opinion will change as well. – Host with the Most

Am Training

Am training is a wise young man, with a positive out look on life. During this episode we learned a lot about your mind and body. He is a trainer and trains some of the top atheltes in the city. Him coming from a soccer background learned how to train and how to be the best.  As well he is just a stellar guy to have around.  You can have a discussion with him and instead of arguing you understand from both points of view and move forward.  He is killing it in the training game; he has new different types of training on his instagram to boost performance. Am training has different techniques and explains why each exercise boosts performance and transfers over to the game.  For all your training needs make sure to contact him, he is one of the best in the business. He is just a stand up dude, can’t wait to see what else is to come from him. We will have updates on am training and the things he is doing so stay tuned.  

Legit Creation

We still waiting for that new video from legit creation I promised it on his behalf on the podcast. So still waiting on that. This is an open man who shares his story to help others get over what he has been through. Talking about suicide and depression is one thing it’s good to talk about it, but when you are sharing your own personal stories like Krish did is amazing. For him to have the courage to speak up about almost committing suicide I have to personally applaud him because someone may be going through the same thing. And by him speaking on how he got through it may help somebody else feeling the same way knowing it gets better. But that is not all we talked about; we went in on the Kim Kardashian and Gucci Turbans incident. We all agreed to disagree. He is looking forward to continue into acting, he is growing his brand with his instagram page where he does skits and videos. From there he wants to get into bigger roles and one day he will be hanging out with The Rock. His videos are hilarious and creative as well educational talking about mental health in his more recent videos that is exciting because it is a topic now being discussed more. Just a nice happy guy and he will always stay smiling. 


Pink Orchid Studio


Pink Orchid Studio the first female interview with Harp and Shannon was a blast. We had so much fun drinking wine and beers, learning about how all-great ideas at pink orchid studio are made over tequila and wine. It is a  phenomenon traveling across the globe to do makeup and hair for weddings, events and everything in between. They are both amazing in the way they spoke and came across as well as how they talked about business. Both Harp and Shannon have already accomplished so much, but now what is next for them? Global domination, pink orchid studio wants to take over the world and the way they are going I truly believe it. Make sure you check out their makeup live streams they are low key super entertaining. As well we talked about people that hate and people making fake accounts to hate on people. They treat these people with empathy because why is your life that shitty that you need to do this. Anyways a couple of my favorite stories from the ladies is the drake story and Shannon coming full circle going up to her teacher that told her she was not going to be anything. Harp buying drake and his crew 40 shots is just amazing. These ladies do all of this while still being wives and mom’s which just adds on to how you can have it all. Build your business, be a mom and a wife. Harp and Shannon are a true business inspiration. 


 Kingston we waiting on that music man, teasing us with the beats on instagram we need to hear this brother.  But Kingston is an awesome guy he is absolutely hilarious he has jokes for days. All three of us found common ground on this subject laughing in serious situations. He talked about opening up for Tyga in grade 10 that is already amazing, which makes us curious to what is dropping for Kingston. He talks about performing and why performing is one of the best parts of being a musician. Kingston raps, sings and makes beat’s what more can you ask for? As well forgot to mention his comedic skills in Arnie’s videos, which are hilarious. The Jazzy B video is probably my favorite. It was fun chatting with Kingston and he said the fire is coming soon we are waiting and excited for it to drop.  He is a great guy and was awesome to sit down and talk with good guy, good time and good vibes.  Make sure you are all on the look out for Kingston’s music coming up. 



The Mistri

The mistri was an amazing episode he is so humble, funny and just a dope guy. From watching his hilarious to interviewing him was an awesome feeling for us. I am glad he made this happen, he talked about growing up in America and modeling in Canada. The best story as how he used to always get in trouble when he was a kid. He was telling us about how he used to sag his pants to impress girls to show off his Kobe Bryant kutchi. Maneet not only makes comedy videos though, he actually was on the practice squad for the 49ers and trained with Terrell Owens and Reggie Bush. As well not all his videos are just comedy, when you go deeper into his instagram you see him keep it real on a lot of videos talking about things that happen in the world. We can not wait to meet in person when he comes to Vancouver. I am sure he will have more videos for us especially because he is back on instagram from his mysterious disappearance with new fun videos and we are excited for that desi uncle video we requested. 

GSidhu and DJ Intense Live (Event)

Shout out to Gsidhu, Dj Intense, Singhs doing things and Dj Scammy D for an amazing event thrown. It was an event with a lot of love, a lot of support and happiness filled throughout the place. Lots of uncle hugs fun dancing and once again shout out to the ladies rocking suits. Everyone was just happy having a good time and I can’t wait to attend the next one. Channi guys did a great job of hosting the event made it a fun time for everyone. DJ Intense on the turntables jheeeeeeez the amount of fire songs this man has is ridiculous; his talent is “undeniable” shout out to the surrey experience. He had the crowd going and all his bangers made the club bang. Gsidhu has an amazing voice; hearing him live was astonishing candlelight came on and that place went nuts. One of the best live performances I have seen and for it to be in a club with all brown brothers and sisters showing love showed me that there is opportunity. Maybe music is what brings us together because it definitely did this night. It is possible to have an event with the brown community without a negative headline first thing in the morning. But I had a great time at this event I can not wait for more as well shout out to the wrestling classic for coming with us to experience this type of event for the first time. Next time I hope everyone shows up reading about our fun experience drop your egos come network and have a fun time being apart of a positive event.- Host with the most